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  • Hail to the “KING”

    My brother has been after me for years to paint him a Muppet portrait- which I largely ignored. I decided to surprise him, however, when I was struck with the inspiration for this composition. My brother can be self-important, uber serious, and humorless- so Sam the Eagle was a natural choice. He also worked for…

  • CSA Bluebirds Logo

  • working again

  • awwwww, screw it

    plenty of excuses, which are just that, excuses. why I haven’t posted, why I’m not creating, why I’m not doing anything that isn’t just enough to get through the day to day that has become my life. A visit with family over the holidays resulted in a trip to my uncle’s office. He has a…

  • pain that can’t be described

    things went ok- I am alive and well, and in way too much pain- GOOO HYDROCODONE!!!!

  • DC launches

    What is Zuda Comics? Well, according to this, ZudaComics is a site for heretofore unrecognized comics-creating talents to submit their original content in the hopes of gaining an exclusive contract from DC Comics, and for DC to gain new creative properties to market, license, and sell. The question for me is: With the advent of…

  • Quote of the Year!

    “In America there’s someone willing to pretend to be offended by everything and so we annoy people and that’s part of the appeal,” he said. “It’s to entertain people and also to annoy a certain segment of the audience as well.” Simpsons and Futurama Creator and longtime Comics Artist Matt Groening to British audiences following…

  • “Filling the Newshole”

    Aside from being the worst phrase ever turned- this is how analysts describe exactly which news outlets get the most attention and for what reason…. read all about it, here!

  • Ha HA HAAAAAAA hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Retainer for Lawyer=$50,000 Legal Fees=$172,000 Fines=$1500 Electronic Monitoring Anklet=$7248 Picture of crying, spoiled “celebutante(?)” as she’s hauled back to jail=Priceless!!!


    A google search for the “World’s Ugliest Frog” got me something quite unexpected- the above image of Sam, a pedigreed Chinese Crested Hairless and 3 time winner of the “World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest. Two words keep coming to mind…. “JOIN US!”