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I am a fortunate human-being, fortunate to know and collaborate with a tireless and talented individual. A man who can never receive enough praise for his prodigious skills and knowledge. A man who helped me see a half-baked idea for a comic book called Hot Lunch realized. A man that I thoroughly enjoy working with due to his wit, ideas and principles, Michael-Gerard. I talk a lot about the work I do, I don’t, however, talk enough about the people I am graced to work with. Example? The comic featured at left was the product of four people. The wonderful Lauria Lovestrand-Trout did the interiors in subtle watercolors. Paolo Garcia came thru with some graff text. Michael and I scripted and drafted it together jam style, The result was Hot Lunch, What Price Tomorrow? #1 We’re currently at work building a place to show off the entire body from stem to stern, so you can have more ways to get a Hot Lunch!






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