Big Fun in Hay-Vanna!

Just got in from Hay-Vanna (Havana, FL) where I spent the majority of this weekend in my studio.

Managed a little painting, a little planning, and more than a little relaxing. Labor intensive is the best thing for me to just zone out and ride. Managed to finish another this weekend. Steadily moving forward, rearranged and setup for next weekend, 11 to go. At this rate I won’t be finishing this year. But, I am pleased with the quality of the work, I’m not rushing through it, and though the tendency might be there I am forcing myself to agonize over these and be sure that I am tackling everything that bothers me about them.

Other than that, I cranked up some good music, slept on the floor, and gorged on baloney sandwiches and fudge rounds the whole time. This time last year I was well into this project and it’s a little intimidating that I am still working on this material. How much longer, I wonder? I am more than a little bit anxious to move on from this but know that if I don’t finish properly I’ll never be able to face myself.

Just wish I had more time open to dedicate to these or that the progress wasn’t so stilted. Feels like an eternity at times but I also know I am enjoying every minute.







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