I gots me an iPhone!

I took a promotion at work recently. One that requires me to be on call, 24-7. So after years of resisting joining the “cel phone culture”- I have finally caved- I bought an iPhone. I have to admit that it is pretty frikkin’ sweet!

With some exceptions…

For starters, FedEx botched the delivery…

Setting up the service with AT&T was slightly trying…

Why did Apple put the speaker and microphone side by side? Without the headphones or Bluetooth using it as a phone is difficult at best.

Otherwise, the phone is a dream, I’ve read no instructions nor watched any of the demos. Using it has been largely intuitive and simple to figure out.

As for versatility…I posted this from my iPhone.






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  1. KT Avatar

    “My name is Shaun and I have never owned a cell phone nor will I ever own a cell phone.”


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