Hail to the “KING”

king My brother has been after me for years to paint him a Muppet portrait- which I largely ignored. I decided to surprise him, however, when I was struck with the inspiration for this composition. My brother can be self-important, uber serious, and humorless- so Sam the Eagle was a natural choice. He also worked for Budweiser and to this day is relentlessly devoted to them and their products (me-”You wanna Estrella Galicia?” my brother- “Why can’t you be a man and drink a real beer? Like Bud?”). While driving I saw a Bud billboard and it clicked! Place Sam in front of a Bud sign, wings crossed, Bud in hand and you have a blue-collar “KING”. The wings of the Bud crest appear as an olive wreath crown, the circle sanctifies him like in Eastern-Orthodox iconography, the horizontal runners draw your eye to his penetrating and regal glare-a “Great American” like Sam would only drink Bud anyways, so there you have it- probably my favorite painting to date, to boot!

CSA Bluebirds Logo

Bluebird Logo

working again

Collaborative logo design with Michael Gerard

awwwww, screw it

plenty of excuses, which are just that, excuses. why I haven’t posted, why I’m not creating, why I’m not doing anything that isn’t just enough to get through the day to day that has become my life. A visit with family over the holidays resulted in a trip to my uncle’s office. He has a bobble-head of Michael Vick and a bobble-head of a rottweiler, laughing about it my uncle said, “Yeah, I know lots of people who aren’t living up to potential.” I know this wasn’t directed at me- but I couldn’t help applying it to myself- I’m not living up to potential. What am I doing? In this life or otherwise. Jesus- I’m 31 years old and though I talk a good game, that’s all it is- Talk and Game. I sit in admiration of others and say, “I wish…” or, “I could…” but it never really goes any farther. I want to do, but I always get sidetracked. I start, but don’t finish. I lose interest. The things I want to do turn out to be a lot of work, and I already do enough of that and get increasingly farther behind in spite of my best efforts. I rush in and fear to tread, all at the same time. What have I accomplished? Nothing. My family and friends believe in me and support me, but I never seem to do anything. I’m just fed up and and depressed and more than a little apathetic. I feel like like some bastardized conglomeration of Charlie Brown and James Taggart. Paralyzed by own anxiety and self-loathing and too lazy to do anything about either.

pain that can’t be described

things went ok- I am alive and well, and in way too much pain- GOOO HYDROCODONE!!!!

All Systems Go! (?)

Florida State University’s Krentzman Gallery is currently hosting “All Systems GO! the space show” curated by FSU Instructor and Alum, John Lytle Wilson. The show is comprised of works by artists found by Mr. Wilson on places like Myspace and is largely dedicated to imagery and sculpture depicting sci-fi and outer-space elements. An eclectic showing, to be sure, but most definitely an original one. Show runs through October twelfth, which means you still have a week to see it. I’ll spare you my thoughts and ramblings, but I made sure to picture my favorites (courtesy of my iPhone).

Hotel Chevalier

Love him or hate him, Wes Anderson is an original storyteller. I’ve been a fan of his for years and have much respect for his humor, wit and imagination. I was upset to hear that his short film, “Hotel Chevalier” would not be released with the theatrical screenings of his new feature length film, “The Darjeeling Limited”. The situation improved when I found out it would be released after October 2nd on the iTunes Store. Then it got even better when I found it there, today, for free. If you enjoy Wes Anderson and his films hit up the iTunes Store now to get yours!!!

I gots me an iPhone!

I took a promotion at work recently. One that requires me to be on call, 24-7. So after years of resisting joining the “cel phone culture”- I have finally caved- I bought an iPhone. I have to admit that it is pretty frikkin’ sweet!

With some exceptions…

For starters, FedEx botched the delivery…

Setting up the service with AT&T was slightly trying…

Why did Apple put the speaker and microphone side by side? Without the headphones or Bluetooth using it as a phone is difficult at best.

Otherwise, the phone is a dream, I’ve read no instructions nor watched any of the demos. Using it has been largely intuitive and simple to figure out.

As for versatility…I posted this from my iPhone.

Portrait of the artist as…

… a thirty-something hack. Micron on cardboard.

A Tremendous Ending!

I have just finished my first year of teaching Drawing and Painting at FSU’s Union Art Center. 2 sessions of 2 classes a semester, and there has been no end to the talented individuals who sign up to take it. Mostly they are people who have some degree of skill but are uninterested in taking full-blown art classes. They are “leisure” artists- persons who have other careers but still desire to nurture their own creative spark. They have made my job completely worthwhile and fulfilling and I am thankful, not to mention proud, to have been there to watch them each develop, personally, as artists. That, and I am always surprised by those persons who claim not only to having “NO’ drawing experience but whom also claim they have no drawing ability either. The results say otherwise!


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