An Evening with Bruce Campbell

Florida State University hosted an “Evening with Bruce Campbell” last night in their Union Ballrooms. Mr. Campbell, best known for his role as “Ash” in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness films is one of Hollywood’s finest and funniest B-Movie Actors. He spent the first part of the evening talking about Florida, quizzing and offering cash prizes to people who could answer his questions. He kept it light-hearted and funny and full of sarcasm. We were treated to a clip of his latest film, “My name is Bruce”, and lastly to an “anything goes” impromptu Q&A session about him. Thoroughly enjoyable, and while obviously not a seasoned public speaker, Mr. Campbell kept the whole thing fun and tongue-in-cheek.
He was at one point very serious and expressed modesty in regards to his films thanking the audience for the continued support of his films stating, “You guys are the “demographic”. You have all the power, give your money where you want to give it. You guys are the reason films like Bubba Ho-Tep get picked up and distributed. Independent films aren’t released, they escape. And thanks to your support and interest films like Bubba Ho-Tep are a success.”
Funny, irreverent, cynical and down to earth, Bruce Campbell is my favorite actor!






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