Just another possible reason to shut off your cellphone!

Had this article forwarded to me today, and if there is even a hint of truth to these claims we are all screwed. That’s right, Jackasses! No more worrying ’bout your precious cost of oil or your war in Iraq, or even who the next god-awful “Amerikan I-dull” will be. We have a problem that could result in the death of all of us in as little as a decade if not solved. You wanna know what could be our end? Well for one thing it has nothing to do with “earthquakes, birds and snakes, or aeroplanes”, Quite simply, the extinction of Bees. Bees. Honey Bees. Read the article, stay posted to the news and For GOD’s sake and yours-SHUT OFF YOUR GODDAM CELLPHONE ALREADY!

Can you hear me now?







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  1. Dennis Roberts Avatar
    Dennis Roberts

    I have a cell phone….BSH supplied…But I don’t know how to use it well. It sits in my desk during the workday and the best use for it has been on trips to Florida from North Carolina. I also think that the use of them while same person is driving should be an automatic suspension of liscense if caught…..Clean Sven

  2. sj Avatar

    And before anyone says “What proof do you have that it is happening?” Let me ask, What proof do you have that it isn’t? That is to say- What reason would anyone have for deliberately trying to destroy the cell phone industry? Who would profit from that? Then let’s ask who profits from the extinction of honey bees?

    Answer: No one either way!

  3. Jose Avatar

    Ok, so just let me say that if I didn’t have my cell phone every day, every second….I just might die. I would not be able to call those who I love, those who I care for, those who I interact with on a daily basis. I use my cell everyday and I couldn’t think of a day that I didn’t use it…..no…didn’t need it. I always have it in my pocket and i can always feel it against my thigh, this makes me feel content. I have an alter in my house where I keep all my old model phones where I can worship at the end of every hard-working day. Here exists all the old model phones which I once used that I now have given up for the newset models….god bless them. Please, don’t curse these sweet devices that so liberally lube our every day communications, for without them I may not be able to survive. I may end up with ear cancer in the next five years…but you know what….it was well worth it by god. Buy a cell phone and use it while driving as soon as possible, I beg this of you. Because there is nothing better than a old asian lady going 40 mph in the passing lane on the intersate and when you pass her you see the old bags on her f-ing cell phone. God bless America.

  4. Patrick Johns Avatar
    Patrick Johns

    When the bees go, we starve. Simple as that.

    I’m going to try to raise bees in my backyard. You can buy hives for around $30.

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